Somerset & Middlesex Counties
Travel Times
Northbound New Brunswick Ave to NJ Turnpike (3 mi.):03
Northbound NJ Turnpike to Exit 1 (1 mi.):01
Northbound Exit 1 to Exit 7 (7 mi.):07
Northbound Exit 7 to Exit 13 (7 mi.):06
Northbound Exit 13 to Exit 17 (5 mi.):05
Northbound Exit 17 to Exit 21 (3 mi.):03
Southbound Exit 21 to Exit 17 (4 mi.):04
Southbound Exit 17 to Exit 13 (5 mi.):04
Southbound Exit 13 to Exit 7 (7 mi.):06
Southbound Exit 7 to Exit 1 (8 mi.):08
Southbound Exit 1 to NJ Turnpike (2 mi.):02
Southbound NJ Turnpike to New Brunswick Ave (3 mi.):03
Current Incidents
As of 10:29am, there's a Watermain break on US 22 westbound ramp to North Dr in North Plainfield. Ramp closed.
As of 9:01am, there's Construction on I-287 northbound area of Exit 10 - CR 527/Easton Ave in Franklin Twp. Right shoulder closed until 3:00 P.M.
As of 9:00am, there's Construction on US 22 in both directions between West of CR 525/Thompson Av in Bridgewater Twp and East of Westfield Rd in Scotch Plains Twp. Right shoulder closed until 3:00 P.M.
As of 7:00am, there's Construction on I-287 in both directions North of Exit 1 - US 1 in Edison Twp. Alternate lanes until 3:30 P.M.
*Disclaimer: Traffic information is subject to change at any time.
+ - portions based on historical data.
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